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Cloud storage
Access to your files on smartphone and PC. Huge amount of space available one click.
Online games
Have fun with amazing online games, playing with your friends.
Gifts and bonuses
Invite friends, like, share, recommend. Do what you do on other social media platforms and earn money on it.
Online shop
We offer in our own FutureNet Shop a constantly growing product range.

FutureNet Cloud

Access to your files on smartphone and PC.
Huge amount of space available on click.

FutureNet VoIP

Call, text and share your media for free! Future VoIP is a free messenger that allows you to write messages, transfer files and make phone calls with your friends. Integration with FutureNet makes it a great tool for your business.

Future Driller

Futuro Driller is arcade game with tons of fun!

Customize your vehicle - play as an armoured tank or a sports car, avoid obstacles and use powerful weapons. Dive into various platforms around two best currencies in the world - FuturoCoin and BitCoin. Manage your coins in wallet and get known about current value of them according to real bitcoin data. Make transactions for dollars to buy new vehicle parts and... CATCH EM ALL!
Warning: You don't mine or earn real FuturoCoins and BitCoins playing in this game